Selected work (2016–8)

My name’s Erik. I make pots in Vienna, Austria.
These are some of my pots.


The pots
they’re (let’s say usually) made with local native wild clays that I find–dig–process–test myself. Stoneware clays straight from the ground from “just” down the road, it’s My Clay. Small stones organics impurities unevenness included: nothing I choose it’s what I’m given: tasty.

The glazes
all mixtures to my own recipes &/ derived from local clay & loam and other natural materials that I (again) find–dig–process–test myself.

I fire
in both electric and woodfired kilns; the former in my Vienna studio, latter at kilns across central &/ eastern Europe. Woodfired pottery it’s a process:

2 days chop wood / 2 days load the kiln / 4 days fire / 4 days cool / 1 day unload

24 hours per day wood goes in one side the flame through the kiln and out the other in-between the pots (depending, anywhere from 0.5 to 3+ cubic meters of pots) fire wood take the temperature it runs north of 1300˚C and we fire (depending) from 1 to 4 days and with the time oh the flame it holds the pots gives to the pots these the colors! melty drippy–glossy–/matte ash! crusty embers! and:

Pictures from firings.


Erik Haugsby Pottery Hidasuki Sake Set Woodfired Ceramics


Erik Haugsby woodfired kyusu sencha green tea teapot tea pot


Erik Haugsby Pottery Oribe Plate

Erik Haugsby Woodfired Pottery Ceramic Vase Natural Ash